If you have been following our site at least since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight or if you have brought it, then you must aware about the current situation of this game. We have been talking [too often] on the enormous problems that this game was a hot garbage featuring lousy PC port from Rocksteady. The list goes on almost everything: unbearable stuttering, disappearance of effects, lower quality textures, crashes.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Anonymous sources claim that Warner Bros was aware of the problems of the PC Port


The situation is so untenable that Warner Bros had decided to suspend the sale on Steam. A small patch was released, which returns things like ambient occlusion, but not too good for the performance.

Several anonymous sources who had contact with the site Kotaku, have commented about the plight of the port, as Warner Bros. And deliberately ignored reports of quality control employees more than a year ago are reporting the condition of the PC version.

“I’ll just say it’s very convenient for WB act as if they had thought that the game was in such bad shape,” commented one of the quality testers who worked on the game. “It has been so for months, and all the problems that we are now exactly the same, unchanged from a year ago.”

Two other anonymous sources claim that Warner Bros did not mind throwing a game in such a state, even knowing all the details, doesn’t harm the consumer, but because they felt that was enough shaped to be playable.

As many know, the game is locked at 30 frames per second, even after NVIDIA (one of the sponsors of the launch) published comparisons of the game running at 60fps, for which the publisher was responsible for delivering an instruction to unlock it by setting of a file. The irony gets thicker when the same publisher who recommended not to touch any configuration file to put the game more or less stable.

It is no surprise to anyone that both Warner Bros and Rocksteady have remained in absolute silence regarding team participation Iron Galaxy Studios in the port, who listed as mere assistants “additional engineering and support for PC”. What is really surprising is that this

It is only in the middle of the disaster that Rocksteady gets down to work, to try to resolve the situation.



“Doing work on consoles was impossible for months,” the source said.”That’s one of the parties why the game was delayed so many times, were totally unaware of how difficult it was [development] in next-generation consoles.”

In several meetings QC was informed that the new consoles were “not at all easy to work as [Rocksteady] expected” and that the test equipment should focus on bugs consoles. The largest team was about 100 people, while the PC version was only ten.

“We reported literally thousands of bugs that were specific to the PC version, related to frames per second. All kinds of problems fucking textures. The Batmobile in particular, always fucked things PC. “

A second anonymous source says that Warner Bros had indicated that tests make our limited to the 720p resolution version, which explains why the game does not walk in high resolutions, even in 1080, which is the standard to which we aim Most PC gamers.

According to these witnesses of the testing phase, Rocksteady was determined to try the game in the least amount of possible systems, due to the high level of surprises and unexpected twists that contains the history of the campaign, so nothing is filtered. This obviously caused a great many configurations as open as the PC platform are not tested, and finished without work on most systems.

The greatest evidence of the problems that this release is the outsourcing of the ports. Warner Bros. For one should not want to pay too much like a sub-group with a game to a platform that does not interest them. Small groups that recruit, generally have much lower budgets than necessary, by the mere fact of securing the contract to finance their own games, which ends up forcing shrinking resources and finally, products of very low level.

It is not the first time that Warner Bros happens something similar. Batman: Arkham Knight is the second so far in 2015, preceded by the infamous High Voltage work with X. More Mortal Kombat evidenced WB even games that have been released by the same studio that made him all versions, and They are functioning as correspond, as in the case of Techland with Monolith with Dying Light and Shadow of Mordor.

Unfortunately, we soon realize that Batman: Arkham Origins -TITLE of the house had also been a launch disaster, with bugs that prevented to advance the adventure, and have left abandoned, unfinished fix. Not for nothing have remained hidden outsourcing of port.

All this will help us to know how we can find us the next time this infamous publisher wants to sell something. It is a pity that owns several franchises that we love so much.

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