Last night Rocksteady updated their PC requirements before the release of Batman: Arkham Knight. Included in their revision was this warning: “there are some known issues with the performance of Batman: Arkham Knight for PC owners using AMD graphics cards.

Batman: Arkham Knight: Poor performance on Both AMD And NVIDIA GPUs


But it was just a glimpse of the rising storm:

That announcement brought a warning up in my mind, as it was frightfully reminiscent of the issues that AMD Radeon users were at first confronted with in both Project Cars and The Witcher 3. Some unequivocally suspected treachery as to those titles and implementation of Nvidia’s NVDA -0.46% GameWorks tech. In any case which side of that contention you fell on, ahead of schedule testing of Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight on PC appears to show that the game is right now hot garbage for both Nvidia and AMD users.

Early reports from the Steam Community are littered with complaints about stuttering, terrible optimization, crashes, and a variety of other issues. A few gamers are complaining that framerate are even lower than 30fps even with GameWorks options turned off, 1080p resolution, and segments that surpass Rocksteady’s recommended requirements. I’ve seen various users asserting they can’t keep up 60fps at 1080p with even Nvidia’s $999 Titan X.

Another issue highlighted by players on NeoGaf: Nvidia’s  “Game Ready” 353.30 driver for Batman: Arkham Knight appears to contradict  its own title inside of its release notes, since its awful news for users with various Nvidia cards in SLI:

  • [SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] Heavy flickering occurs in game after Alt+Tab if SLI is enabled. [200116723]
  • [SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] Severe stuttering seen, especially in indoor scenes, when the game is running at 4K resolution and NVIDIA Gameworks settings are turned on. [200116722]
  • [SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] Random flickering occurs in the game if SLI is enabled. [200116717]
  • [GM206, SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] Stuttering occurs and performance drops after shadow quality settings are toggled. [200116694]
  • [GK180, SLI, Batman: Arkham Knights] When SLI is enabled, a crash points to ntdll.dll shortly after the game is exited. [200116717]

These poor PC ports need to stop, or if nothing else be qualified and tried all the more completely before release. I’m not doling out fault here, but rather there’s without a doubt bounty to go around.

Source: Forbes