Today’s morning start with the mixed feelings, thanks to good management of the Warner Bros as PC games received an anticipated patch of the Batman: Arkham Knight in order to fix the major problems.

“Running butter-smooth for me,” writes one user. “EVERYTHING maxed, all GameWorks settings on 4GB used out of 6. Constant 60fps,” says another. “This is such an improvement!” gushes a third.

Batman: Arkham Knight – PC Patch Released, Download link


But after some time of its release the beta patch that fixes some of the major problems in Batman: Arkham Knight has been dropped.

The situation is strange. Many users have been able Steam choose to activate the beta and try it, and then noted that the patch has been removed from the system. The lucky report that they have been able to play at 60 frames per second smooth without major problems, with a small fall while driving. There is also a talk of High texture resolution in the graphics options and promised VRAM measuring bar.

In the Steam forums someone has posted a link of the expected patch you can apply it to the original game files, but we are not responsible for any loss or any other seasoning. The use of this file is at the discretion of the user.

Obviously, Warner Bros. has announced absolutely nothing about it, but we hope that they will bring it back into force soon, as we are close to the estimated dates.

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