It was reported yesterday that a new patch for the Batman: Arkham Knight was released yesterday and a few users on the Steam also installed the patch. Apparently, the patch was in beta version, and therefore it has been removed soon after it went live on the Steam.

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Released… And Removed


It seems that the patch was under development and appeared on the Steam accidently. Remember, this is the most important patch for the game. Warner Bros. promised this patch after a few days when the game was released. Due to many technical issues in the game, Warner Bros. Decided to cancel the sales of Arkham Knight and promised to release a patch which will resolve many issues related to speed, graphics and more.
Although there are some good and positive reviews coming since the availability of the patch as some people managed to download and experience game after the patch. It’s reported that the frame rates are much better and also some more graphics options are added.

Warner Bros. promised to release this patch by the end of August but then decided to delay until September. No final date was announced for this patch, but it can be said that it will be available soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Although the patch has been removed officially, but you can still download it from here 😉

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