The awful port of Batman: Arkham Knight has a new episode thanks to the promised new patch which will arrive in the next couple of weeks, and this new patch is already being controlled by the quality testing department of Warner Bros.

Batman: Arkham Knight – New Patch for PC will be released in the coming weeks; Detailed list of changes

NVIDIA assisting Warner Bros to fix Batman Arkham Knight

This patch will not enable the sale of the game through Steam, or return to the sale of physical copies, but a small treatment for those who already have the game and deserve better performance.

“We are pleased to confirm that we are testing the first interim patch,” said community manager, Adam Yorick. “If all goes well, we expect to launch the patch in the coming weeks.”

Here is the list of changes:

  • Reduced rate jumps frames per second
  • Optimized use of system memory and VRAM
  • Performance improvements in all GPUs (requires latest drivers)
  • The minimum requirements are again GPU AMD HD 7870 2GB
  • Added the ability to change the options of maximum FPS to 30/60/90
  • Added options for Motion blur, Chromatic aberration & Grain
  • Added the “High” value for resolution textures
  • Added option texture filtering
  • Added option of Adaptive V-Sync (NVIDIA only)
  • Added a usage meter VRAM
  • Added controls to adjust mouse sensitivity and smoothing movement
  • Fixed bugs low resolution textures
  • Fixed jumps when playing in rigid mechanical drive (HDD)

The team also presented a short list of other settings in which they are working, but not yet speak of a final release or the arrival of another interim patch.

  • Possibility to skip the start splash screens
  • Content DLC / Season pass
  • Additional updates as the Photo Mode

Neither Warner Bros., Rocksteady not even talk about a release date. The “couple of weeks” may end up being anytime September, so we recommend keeping expectations low. We just need to quit working properly.

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