With the previous date of June 2, Warner Bros today announced that for the outcome of the trilogy of Batman Arkham you will have to wait for three more weeks. To compensate for the bad news, Rocksteady has released a new gameplay of the Batman: Arkham Knight, in the seven minutes of gameplay you will see that Batman will use special methods to discover the true purpose behind the Scarecrow plans.

Batman Arkham Knight will be obviously be bigger than Arkham city actually 5 times bigger than Batman Arkham city. Previously, when Guy Perkins, who is the marketing director spoke to IGN and said many things (by many I mean so much). They want to make Batman Arkham Knight the “ultimate batman simulator“. The game has evolved very much from Arkham Asylum to Arkham Origins now Arkham knight is the last one. Here what Guy Perkins said:

“I think we’ve always taken pride in the stories we tell,” he explained. “We try to create that very cinematic story-telling experience through the game. Obviously Asylum was the starting point for that, but the intimate cat-and-mouse gameplay between the Joker and Batman really demanded it took place in the pressure cooker of the Asylum.

Batman: Arkham Knight: New Gameplay Video


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