Would you like to experience the genuine war zone without being hurt? All things considered, another Google Glass-style pair of glasses can make a virtual war zone for you anyplace.

Grown by London-based protection gear titan BAE Systems in a joint effort with Birmingham University, the glasses can transform any surface into a virtual war room.

Like Microsoft‘s HoloLens headset, BAE’s makes what it calls a ‘mixed reality’ consolidating this present reality with a virtual interface that can extend a front line onto any surface joined with constant feature visit and live sustains, Huffington Post reported.

The group thought of two ideas, one intended for officers on the ground and the second which would make a virtual cockpit for pilots.

While BAE’s beforehand created Striker II helmet essentially adds increased reality to a physical cockpit dashboard, the new idea would totally supplant the physical controls, rather just indicating relevant data.

“Being able to physically manipulate virtual objects in the real world has been challenging scientists for 40 years,” said professor Bob Stone, from University of Birmingham.

“Since my first virtual reality experience at Nasa nearly 30 years ago, the technology has evolved from the primitive head-mounted displays and computers to today’s world where we can interact with complex virtual objects, integrated in real-time with real-world scenarios,” he added.