Watch dogs first DLC named Bad Blood will be coming out in the end of September.

Bad Blood, A DLC for Watch Dogs is Coming


The character in this DLC will be a Raymond Kenney nickname,  “T-Bone” Players will be able to play 10 new missions with a totally different campaign new places on the map have also been added in the DLC. Ubisoft announced Street Sweep contractsa new addition in the game and described it as “a dynamic new system of side missions that offers players endless hours of challenges” on their blog Street Sweep contracts will get T-Bone more experience and it can be played solo or cooperatively as well.


The online hacking,disrupting and intruding is improved and new weapons, outfits ad gadgets have been introduced In the game T-bone is not alone, he has Eugene, as seen in the trailer it is a remote controlled car which will serve as a portable hacking device, a weapon or maybe a running bomb with many gadgets attached to it and will get T-Bone excess to the places where he can’t approach.


For season pass holders, The DLC will be available free on 23 September And for other it will be released on 30 September but the price for them is not announced yet.