Fast, powerful and free to edit photos. The vision behind the creating of Autodesk Pixlr was to give the official photo editing application for PCs, which was created through collaboration between Autodesk and Microsoft.


Autodesk Pixlr is a free graphics editor, which was previously available only from a web browser or a mobile application. Now, through the Windows Store you can get it for free, but Pixlr GUI application designed for desktops, laptops and tablets you must have Microsoft’s latest operating system (Windows 8.1).

The application, in addition to the basic options readily available (cropping, straightening, resizing etc), also offers a wide range of special effects to embellish photos, as well as tools to control properties such as contrast, brightness, sharpness or blur. There is also, of course, the ability to add text.

Unfortunately, users of legacy systems still need to settle for a web version. To install Autodesk Pixlr you must have Windows 8.1. If you meet this requirement, you can download the editor by clicking below:

Download Autodesk Pixlr