During the Tokyo Games Show 2015, a representative of the site Dualshockers interviewed Hisashi Koinuma (producer of Attack on Titan) and asked that if there is any possibility that the new title developed by Omega Force exclusive to PlayStation to be released for PC and Xbox One for the western market.

While the studio focuses on Sony platforms (PS3, PS4 and Vita), If western users would like to see the game on other platforms, Koinuma-San continued, Koei Tecmo would look into it as well, so they’d like to hear as much feedback about it from the fans as possible.

Following the comment Koinuma, it will not be long until a prompt appears online. The fans will make noise in social networks if the port to PC and Xbox One is a reality. It would not surprise us too much considering the great wave of titles on Steam, although in the case of Playstation exclusive title, maybe it takes a little longer to get to the PC platform.

Meanwhile, we leave you the latest images from the TGS 2015:






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