SATA Express is a new interface standard, the introduction of PCI-E SATA bus technology on the basis of the original, which greatly enhance the transmission speed, PCI-E 2.0 standard under the theoretical bandwidth of up to about 780MB /s, beyond existing SATA 6Gbps.

But so far, the public interface to try this new Asus for now is the only one, on the CES 2014 show a conceptual motherboard Z87-Deluxe/SATA Express.

ASUS is First in the World to Unleash Full SATA Express Performance

Today, Asus also announced that through close cooperation with Intel, has successfully deployed the world’s first “independent spread spectrum clock architecture separate reference clock” (SRIS), which is the key to releasing SATA Express optimum performance, BIOS must be included in this framework to the SATA Express to maximize performance and ensure compatibility.

SATA Express connectors on the Z87 Deluxe SATA Express
SATA Express connectors on the Z87 Deluxe SATA Express

In order to verify this breakthrough, ASUS has developed a 2.5-inch SATA Express external expansion box “Hyper Express”, by two mSATA interface depth testing.

Asus claims that the future use with SATA Express interface, ASUS motherboard, you can get a maximum 745MB /s, 809MB / s sustained read and write speeds, have eaten full even beyond the theoretical bandwidth.

ASUS Z97 motherboards will offer a variety of SATA Express interfaces, especially special forces TUF series, but the specific model to be announced.