Today MSI officially released the new ASUS ROG mini board ” Maximus VII Impact”, ITX size but powerful product.

ASUS Z97 ROG motherboards were rolled out for the hardcore gamers, this lineup includes Maximus VII Formula, Maximus VII Hero and Maximus VII Ranger and now on this list a small bad boy has made his entry named as Maximus VII Impact. It seems that there will be no limit of Overclocking dedicated to the Maximus VII Extreme.

ASUS ROG Z97 Maximus VII Impact Officially Launched

ASUS ROG Z97 Maximus VII Impact

Asus ROG Z97 Maximus VII Impact in size is just 17 ​​× 17 cm very small indeed, but equipped with a lot of powerful features. The size is small to fit easily in mini-chassis with no problem, but the board is completely in line with ITX specifications. 

There are some eye catching features of Asus ROG Z97 Maximus VII Impact include :

– Impact Power II : Second generation power enhancer, get power through 8 +2 phase, NexFT MOSFET, 60A BlackWing inductance chokes and 10K black gold capacitor.

– Impact CoolHub : Two four-pin fan connector (for large radiator), liquid nitrogen mode connectors, ROG Connect switch, KeyBot QuickMacro, CMOS clear button, Debug LED lights, Sonic SoundStatge.


– Impact SupremeFX II : Second generation eight-channel sound card, ELNA advanced audio capacitors, supports a range of Sonic Sound.

– mPCIe Combo IV : The fourth-generation wireless module, dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless module; M.2 interface, PCI-E 3.0 x4 bandwidth, up to 110 mm, but note that it is enabled on the board.

If we talk about other specifications of Asus ROG Z97 Maximus VII Impact. It is equipped with two DDR3-3000 + 16GB memory slots, four SATA 6Gbps disk interface.

Asus ROG Z97 Maximus VII Impact


On back I/O includes,  S/ PDIF, HDMI, DisplayPort, four USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, mouse and keyboard PS / 2, GameFirst III technology and anti-surge protection RJ-45 (Intel I218-V Gigabit Ethernet).

Price has not been announced yet, referring to the previous generation Z87 M6I, would be starting from $450.

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