The ASUS ROG brand is offering a variety of high-end hardware products, the accessories from their product portfolio are also full of feelings and beliefs. Recently ASUS ROG has launched a hard SLI bridge, there are 2-Way, 3-Way and 4-Way option, aluminum alloy, looks even amazing than the previous launched of NVIDIA SLI-bridges.

ASUS ROG SLI bridge: Feel the Power of faith in the Republic of Gamers


Manufacturers in SLI bridge are also under the footwork, I have heard that there are some specialized people in sea Amoy who are also considering EVGA SLI bridge. Not long ago, NVIDIA has launched the official version of the hard SLI bridge, priced in 30-40US dollars, excluding shipping charges.

In contrast, the Asus ROG SLI launched hard bridge in terms of looks you can feel the high-quality aluminum alloy material, interspersed the Asus ROG Logo, there are 2-Way, 3-Way and 4-Way options, three versions. On the side note, NVIDIA is offering even 4-way choice.

The ASUS ROG official website did not mention when it went on sale and also did not mention the price.

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