Since, Republic of Gamers is a very renowned name in the gaming component industry, therefore the engineers at Asus tek® always try to push further their own records for developing the fastest Graphic Cards on the planet. ROG Mars is reserved for Dual GPU behemoths from NVIDIA which are custom made and is fully domestic engineered, while the ROG Ares tag is reserved for the AMD giants with two flagship GPUs in a single PCB and that also turbo clocked to its limits.

ASUS ROG Ares III with Box

Now ASUS ROG adds a new member in Rog family, it is based on New Generation of Graphics Core which is also used by AMD Previous Dual-Core beast R9 295X2, Compared to Nvidia Titan Z, its 3DMark Fire Strike score is around 15% higher, “Battlefield 4” average frame Rates at 4K resolution also around 33% higher, we can say it’s currently the most powerful performance dual -core display card with Good value for money.

Asus Ares III is the second card in the Ares lineup to use GPUs based on Graphic Core Next GPU micro-architecture, but this time it would break its own record by incorporating two Hawaii Chips rather than two Tahiti chips. Asus Ares III uses completely non-reference design, single-slot thickness, Water-cooled radiators from EK covering the entire Graphics Card PCB, can also provide cooling for the GPU memory and power supply circuits. Allegedly with the public version of the R9 295X2 integrated hydro radiator compared to this Ares III water-cooled radiator. Asus one is leading with around 25% improvement in performance.


Since this card requires massive power regulations and efficient thermal managements and also also water cooling block pre-installed like Ares II. 16-phase DIGI+ VRMs channeled via three 8pin connectors and top the TDP over 500W with a PSU recommendation of 850 Watt with enough +12V Amperage and this type of power needs does mean massive over-clocks out of the box on both GPU and Memory clocks. We can say in all aspects it’s better than the Public version of R9 295X2.

In terms of hardware specifications Ares III is equipped with a total of 8GB of GDDR5 memory, the default core / memory frequency of 1030 / 1250MHz (memory data frequency is 5000MHz).

ASUS Ares III price is still not announced, but one thing is for sure that a guy on a budget can’t buy this. Prices are expected to be above $500.

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