NVIDIA Maxwell GM204 Core GPUs already make good reputation in the market with better performance, more head room – Overclocking and also runs cooler. Although AIB partners of NVIDIA have released their Custom Maxwell GM204 Core GTX 970 / 980 Variants. But Asus has pulled their socks in order to release GTX 980 Graphics card with extreme frequencies, here talking about new 20th anniversary ROG Matrix Gold Edition NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Matrix graphics card. The new GPU will entertain Overclockers and Gamers but expect huge price.

Asus Preparing Gold Edition NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Matrix

Asus GTX 980 Gold Edition render by VCZ

In all honesty, I’m marginally astonished that Asus is attempting to make a much higher end variant of their super faster Repulic of Gamers GTX 980 Matrix Platinum. After all, another GM200 fueled beast that is that’s allegedly faster and less expensive than the GTX TItan X is not too far off. Actually, as per our great companions from Sweclockers.com the GTX 980 Ti is coming into this mid year.

Of course, in this card you could not miss the extreme Overclocking features, the Laminate derived voltage measurement points are there to restore the default parameters of the your selected frequencies in Overclocking sessions (Safe Mode). Also, this may be noteworthy that card is also equipped with Memory  Defroster technology this technology is limited to only Rog Matrix series cards, as the name suggests, when going sub-zero the memory defroster keeps the memory ICs just above freezing, preventing cold bugs from hindering Overclocking.

On Official Facebook page of ASUS Repulic of Gamers they teased fans, by asking “how fast do you think our GTX 980 is?”

How fast do you think our new GTX 980 is?
Stock GTX 980: 1126MHz
Matrix Platinum GTX 980: 1342MHz
20th Anniversary Edition GTX 980: ?

If I had to guess I’d say very fast… The original GTX 980 Matrix Platinum boosts to a blistering clock speed of 1342Mhz. That’s a significant jump from the reference 1216Mhz making the Matrix Platinum one of the fastest, and coolest, air cooled GTX 980 cards out there.

Asus did not stop there, they have also published a teaser image of the new graphics card. Asking their fans to “guess” the core clock speed.


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