In the era of GTX 600 graphics card, ASUS is the first company to release ITX standard GTX 670, after that there was GTX 760 with ITX specification. MIS also subsequently followed up, but now the first to launch ITX GPU from GTX 900 is Gigabyte, their GTX 970 graphics card test results are good, low temperature on load and less noise. Previously, there were rumors that AUSS will release Asus GTX 970 ITX graphic card and last night this rumor has come true when Asus has officially announced their ASUS GTX970-DCMOC-4GD5 graphics card.

ASUS GTX 970 DC Mini ITX standard Graphic card


ASUS GTX970-DCMOC-4GD5 graphic card design is not similar if we compare the design with previous two generation Graphics card of ITX Specification. In addition, this card is only 17cm long, featuring DC II mini radiator, single fan, but using a hot plate technology to improve thermal efficiency, known as the cooling effect of up to 20%.

In terms of Specifications, ASUS GTX970-DCMOC-4GD5 graphics card is even faster than most of the GTX 970 available in the market featuring core frequency of 1088MHz. Turbo Boost frequency 1228MHz, 7010MHz memory frequency and 4GB GDDR5 256-Bit..

For now ASUS has not disclosed the time on which this little bad boy will be available in the market. Also the price is unknown. But if we see Gigabyte GTX 970 ITX graphic card which is on sale for $339. So we can expect $399 for the Asus one after seeing specifications.


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