[RUMOR] Now a day’s From Nvidia Gtx 750 Ti, Gtx Titan Black Edition and Gtx 790 is the eye catching candies. The Gtx 750 Ti would be the Maxwell First Card and Gtx Titan Black Edition is based on Gk110 Core and Gtx 790 on Dual Gk-110. The Asus Gtx 790 is revealed, the Russian Electricity supplier has come with the card on their website for pre-order. There was a rumor about the specification of Gtx 790 which we covered in our previous articles.

ASUS Gtx 790 Reviled
ASUS Gtx 790 6Gb


The Gtx 790 based on Outdated you can say after Maxwell but Two Full Gk110 Core with 4992 Stream Processors, 2×320 Bit core memory, It is the first 320bit card from Nvidia with 10Gb of VRam with the thermal power design of 300W.




The Picture from Russian Website, this is the ASUS Gtx 790 6Gb DDR5, the 6GD5 clearly tell us the VRAM of 6Gb, the 10Gb memory is for workstations, but the memory interference will be the 384 bits. If we talk about price 48,470 Russian Ruble, which is almost equal to $1400 Amercian Dollor, the price seems a little high at this stage when Maxwell architecture cards are also on the way.


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