Asus announced the launch of its GeForce Strix GTX 980 Ti Gaming ICE, such a long name that translates it as a GeForce GTX 980 Ti equipped with a custom PCB by the company with Waterblock for cooling and featuring RGB LED illumination to match with the theme of build.

Asus GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming Strix Ice With Water Block And RGB Lightning


The  Asus GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming Strix ICE is equipped with GPU GM200-310-A1, consisting of 2816 CUDA Cores, 176 TMUs and 96 ROPS  that reaches frequencies base / boost of  1216/1317 MHz  (1000/1075 MHz vs. reference model) while it has 6GB GDDR5 memory. The memory frequency is also increased to reach 7200 MHz coupled with a memory interface of 384 bits.

Overclocking Profile- GPU Speed ​​Dynamic Frequency: 1317 MHZ, GPU Base frequency: 1216 MHz
Gaming mode Profile – GPU Speed ​​Dynamic Frequency: 1291 MHZ, GPU Base frequency: 1190 MHz

The GTX 980 Ti Gaming ICE PCB is completely hidden from the assembly of a water block that hides the components of aerospace grade called Superalloy Power II that promise to triple the life of the graphics card, reduce by two electrical noise and reduce temperatures up to 20 percent. At the back we have an aluminum backplate, and of course, Owl face lights up. The graphics card is powered by two PCI-Express 8 – pin connectors.  For now the launching date and price are unknown.



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