Although a trailer and images of the new Assassin’s Creed were leaked in early December through Kotaku, Ubisoft is preparing to officially announce the new entry in the series hooded on May 12.

Ubisoft Montreal has been developing the Assassins Creed series since its inception and Ubisoft thinks it’s time for another studio to take the lead in the series. As announced some time ago, Ubisoft Quebec is the studio commissioned to develop this new Assassin’s Creed entitled Victory, which will be acclimating in the city of London during the Victorian period.

Ubisoft Quebec were responsible for some DLCs like “The Tyranny of King, Washington” (Assassin’s Creed III) and “Freedom Cry ” (Assassin’s Creed IV). The latter was also sold as an individual title.

Kotaku could get a seven-minute video (although it was never published), and we recount the events of the same with the following images:

The video begins with a murderer, presumably the game’s protagonist, climbing a tower and looking at the City of London. We get an overview of the city as the camera flies alley to alley, showing some of the core activities of the game (gambling in a pub, street racing cars, and so on).

Then we go back to the murderer, jumping into the street, he goes to a nearby car horses, and accepts an assignment from a mysterious masked woman. The task: to kill a man named Roderick Bulmer, who has been trafficking in girls for ancestral enemies of the murderers. “The Templars should receive our message,” says the woman. “And you must send it with blood”



In the midst of the conversation, the car is attacked, so the murderer tries to escape while just several enemies (leading Templar insignia) and try to keep the balance above the moving carriage. It is frantic. A fast later, the murderer deaths reach the railway station Charing Cross, where it changes his hood for a top hat and mixed with the crowd, ignoring other side quests (“detene the thief!” He maybe listen while pursuing Bulmer, who is among people in the middle of the season).



Our murderer jumps to a platform overlooking the station, removes a guard, and then uses what appears to be a new hook to swing towards Bulmer, and stab him in the chest.



With our dead end, the murderer jump on a moving train and more Templars combat soldiers while crossing the River Thames. As the video comes to an end, our hero jumps off the train in a haystack placed conveniently placed, as usual, and the camera zooms to the London skyline.



This could have been leaked video that would present to this new Assassin’s Creed in the next E3, it’s a shame that leaked so early. Anyway, hopefully the change of studio will benefit the series and can claim it back.

Assassin’s Creed Victory is dated to the end of 2015.

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