Assassin’s Creed Unity is the most anticipated game from Ubisoft this year, also it was the title, which would restore the reputation of Ubisoft as what they did with Watch dogs. After 4 years of development the game is finally available for Current Generation Consoles and PC. The Next Generation game arrives with a lot of new problems. One of the weird problem is when a character face in the cinematic look like something from horror movies or even worse. Another is related to the NPC particles, for some gamers even their game progress have not been saved. In order to overcome with all things Ubisoft has released 4 patches till now.

Assassin’s creed Unity – Patch 4 of 6.7GB has been Released, Bugs still exist

Assassin's Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed: Unity seems to become a perennial loser, as in the patch 4 which is so-called can” fully remove game BUGs, for overall game stability” with the volume of 6.7GB has been released but the game is still suffering from lots of Bugs. Have to say, Ubisoft really disappointed us.

Previously we have observed in the game that outside the face of character textures are inexplicably disappeared, inexplicable NPC (non-player characters in the game) is also a more serious BUG, ​​after the patch 4, the bugs are only not improved but they become funnier. Some foreign players today issued a warning: Do not update the game with fourth patch, after updating the game NPC suddenly appeared more serious.

From the below GIF you can see this, NPC suddenly appeared in the empty environment and form a new animation. It seems that Ubisoft does not intend to fix these bugs, ​​but tries make them cool.

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