French Gaming industry giants are now in a full mood to give you one more masterpiece from the history, which will help you to see the French Revolution in Paris from the eye of Arno, who was an Assassin. The new offering from Ubisoft named as Assassin’s Creed unity is looking good till now in terms of every aspect. The game will be on sale from November 15, 2014, but it seems are few retailers have broke the street. There are lots of Players who have got their hands on the Ps4 version of Assassin’s Creed Unity and till now there are couple and video gameplays has been leaked.

Assassin’s Creed Unity: New gameplay in the immense night exposed via PS4

Assassin's Creed Unity New Screenshots

The latest news is coming from France, where a player who has gotten his hands on the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Before the official release, a 11-minute gameplay has been leaked by the player. The video is a combination of several scenes. You can watch the video below.

If we summarize a paragraph about the game. IT’S SET IN PARIS DURING THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. From the first release of Assassin’s Creed we have seen that, Ubisoft always comes with a variety of different time periods and locations, so every time players are fully charged to learn / see something new from the previous era. Last time with Assassin’s Creed Black Flag we saw, the whole game was on the theme of pirates, having you sail the high-seas as a pirate. In Unity, you will see the French Revolution (1789) in Paris from the eye of Arno. Well, that’s how it begins, at least.

Assassin’s Creed Unity will be coming to Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and XBox One on November 13.

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