The reports of Unity being crappy and filled with bugs started coming in as early as a month before the launch of the game. They could’ve taken their time, polished the game, tested it. But no, they knew that the marketing was strong enough and they decided to rely on it. After the second day of release, Ubisoft has pulled their socks and till now more than three patches have been released in order to fix some major issue. Well, apart from criticizing we should also proud on Ubisoft. For what?

Assassin’s Creed: Unity has good sides too, Paris is depicted Fabulously

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Even before the release, developers  announced that one of the biggest pluses of Unity will be a big, well-created world. We should now agree on that, because Paris at the time of the French Revolution was a hit. Moreover, a from attempt from Ubisoft  was very accurate, they represent the city very well.

Photographer Damien Hypolite, who sympathizes with the series of Assassin’s creed decided to prove it to those who do not really believe in this type of claim. The effects of several photos of today’s Paris are combined with images from the game and you can see the result. Mistakes are the part of life and the wise move is to forget those mistakes and give Ubisoft appreciation on least one thing.