Assassin’s Creed Unity considers as one of the worst optimized game ever. Ubisoft in recent years has failed to have a neat and playable pitch. Now company doesn’t want to throw bad experience in the market like Assassin’s Creed Unity, and they are trying to achieve the acceptable performance.

In an interview at E3 with the PCGamer, the creative director of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Marc-Alexis Côté, clarify the new approach of the company to achieve better results on a PC, which explains Why the delay of the PC version of the new game is going to occur.

AC Syndicate Pub

“We’ve got an internal team that’s dedicated to the PC version, and one of the things that I’m happy about is that we’re really taking our time with the PC version to really make it shine,” Creative Director Marc-Alexis Côté told us at E3. “We want the game to really work well on the PC on day one, which is why it’s not the same launch [date] as the Xbox One and the PS4 versions. It will come a bit later in the fall, but I think it will be worth the wait.”

“We’re working really hard on optimizing the game, making it run smoother on a wider range of PCs,” he added, when the question of Unity’s abysmal performance on high-end hardware came up. “We’re really dedicating a team to working on this and making sure it shines.”

Not the first time a developer blatantly lies to us, as in the cases of downgrades- but as an opportunity to comment on the matter was played. Just waiting to see how much more you can rely on one of the companies that have defrauded players.

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