Ubisoft announces the availability of the update 1.41 for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate to all platforms.

While new NVIDIA drivers 361.91 enable better use in certain Multi-GPU (SLI) configurations, but Ubisoft and NVIDIA continue their work to provide better support.

The patch weighs 435 MB on Uplay, while 165MB on Steam.

Specific changes to the PC version:

  • Support for DLC The Last Maharaja added
  • The problem of the puzzle of the “Message to Jack” is fixed.
  • Crashing issue fixed in the mission of the First World War
  • Corruption geometry corrected for the integrated Intel GPU
  • Fixed the tremor caused by TXAA
  • Several errors were corrected in rendering
  • Several errors were corrected in UI
  • Several errors were corrected in online

For all platforms:

  • On-line
  • Fixed an issue glitches Where Might fail to award the Helix player rewards
    Fixed an issue Where the permanent XP boost from the Season Pass would not be present in some cases
  • World / 3D / Menu / HUD
  • Fixed a typo With The Military Chapel’s bombing description
  • Fixed an issue Where the “Legendary Assassin kukri” would Appear uncrafted and unusable after crafting it
  • Fixed an issue with some achievements unlocking When They Should not
  • Mission
  • Fixed an issue in the “A Night to Remember” Where the user mission Could be stuck outside the vault in some rare cases, leaving no Possibility to progress further
  • Fixed an issue, in the “Jack the Ripper” DLC, in the “Jack’s Lieutenants” Where the mission objective would not update
  • Fixed an issue, in the “Jack the Ripper” DLC, in the “Letter of Intent” mission Where It could fail without a desynch in some specific cases
  • Stability / Performance
  • Improved performance and stability
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