Last night Ubisoft released the long awaited patch of Assassin’s Creed Unity  for PC gamers. Previously they had released patch 4 of nearly 7 GB for PS4 and Xbox One console (for the Xbox One it was actually a patch of 40GB, as the patch itself was capable of damaging the game and must be reinstalled).

Assassin’s Creed PC Unity Patch 4 brings new problems for PC Players


The patch 4 for PC weight is much less (2.9 GB) and arrives to solve problems like black texture filters under the filters MSAA 4x, 8x and TXAA, and also to solve texture problems of NPC’s and small interface improvements.

In exchange, players which are using SLI configuration of two or more NVIDIA graphics cards should disable this mode and use a single card, if not, then you will face many problems with textures, which start flashing in black indefinitely. This is extremely disappointing as patches should fix stuff up, not blow them away. On a related note, the PS4 patch seems to have had a better results as it has improved the performance by a bit.

Source: DSOGaming

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