ASRock officially announced its technology  SKY OC, which allows its motherboards equipped with a Z170 chipset to OC any Intel Pentium / Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7 “non-K” CPU-based on Skylake architecture.

ASRock SKY OC Allows “non-K” Skylake CPUs Overclocking


The Overclocking feature will be made ​​by modifying the basic clock (BCLK), a sea of interesting alternative for those who already have a “no K” CPU or unwilling to pay for ” K ” series CPU.

According to the company, with a simple ASRock Z170 Pro4 ($125) coupled with an Intel Core i5-6400 ($185) you can increase the frequency of 2.70 GHz to a negligible 4.30 GHz, resulting in an increase in their frequencies by 60 percent without spending a penny, while the i5-6600K has a Turbo reference frequency 3.90 GHz raises the cost up to  $270. So saving nearly $100 would have more performance from the model “K” without OC.

Sky OC Compatible ASRock Motherbaords are:

Z170 OC FormulaL1.92Z170M Pro4L2.23
Z170 Extreme7 +L2.16Z170M Pro4SL2.23
Z170 Extreme6 +L1.82Z170M-ITX / acL1.83
Z170 Extreme6L1.82Z170A-X1 / 3.1L1.31
Z170 Extreme4 +L2.01Z170 Professional Gaming i7L1.14
Z170 Extreme4L2.01Z170 Gaming K6 +L1.92
Z170 Extreme3L1.61Z170 Gaming K6L1.92
Z170M Extreme4L1.34Z170 Gaming K4L2.23
Z170 Pro4L2.83Gaming Z170 K4 / D3L1.51
Z170 Pro4 / D3L1.74Z170 Gaming-ITX / acL1.53
Z170 Pro4SL2.73