The ARM Mali-T880 graphics core is actually a modified version of the Mali-T760, using 16nm FinFET technology, frequency up to 850MHz, performance improvement of 80% and 40% decrease in terms of power consumption, but also supports 4K 120fps output. The ARM Mali-T880 graphics core performance is 1.8 times the Mali-T760.

ARM Mali-T880: 16nm process node, support 4K @120FPS


Like Mali-T760 the Mali-T880 can be configured with the same 16 Shader Core and 2MB L2 cache, but the difference is that the latter uses the latest 16nm FinFET process technology , also also increased the frequency to 850MHz , triangle output rate 1700Mtri / s, pixel fill rate 13.6Gpix / s, while the 28nm HPM process Mali-T760 is the 650MHz frequency, 1300Mtri / s and 10.4Gpix / s.

Although the frequency rises, but advanced technology is still running at a lot lower power consumption and ultimately still have 40% of the gap.


Technical support, Mali-T880 also did not change much, including the highest 16x MSAA antialiasing, OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenCL 1.2, DriectX 11 FL11_2, RenderScript render script, LDR / HDR, 3D display, etc., and with Mali-V550 video processor and Mali-DP550 compatible display processor also supports TrustZone.

But the new stuff is still there, due to performance improvements and now you can call the Mali-V550. All eight core to provide the highest 4K @ 120fps video output capability.

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