Industry sources already take it for granted that Nvidia will end up acquiring Arm Ltd., or at least much of the company, and this has not been viewed favorably by Hermann Hauser, the co-founder of Arm, who indicates that for Nvidia would be an inappropriate owner to the point of being a disaster.

In an interview with the BBC, Hauser on record share his opinion that he is against Nvidia as an owner of the company, though he also believes the deal won’t end up going through.

“It’s one of the fundamental assumptions of the ARM business model that it can sell to everybody,” Hauser told BCC, “The one saving grace about Softbank was that it wasn’t a chip company, and retained ARM neutrality. If it becomes part of Nvidia, most of the licensees are competitors of Nvidia, and will of course then look for an alternative to ARM.”

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It is unlikely to happen, because rumors indicate that the purchase would be made through a consortium of multiple companies, where Nvidia would take a large piece of the cake and other companies would take a smaller portion, such as the case of Samsung Electronics or as per rumors Apple would also join this agreement. Regarding nationalizing the company, it is something that will never happen, since it would be a scandal, if they have the more than 42,000 million dollars that SoftBank asks for to start with .