Previously this very same month Batman Arkham Knight released on the PC platform and only one day later, was taken away of store shelves because of the problems and enormous backlash the game experienced for getting a sub-par PC port.

Now Warner Bros, the modest team at Iron Galaxy along with a couple of of Rocksteady’s own engineers are taking the PC version back in the drawing board and ensuring that it really accommodates standards before returning up on sale. Sadly, all that needs time, so we won’t be viewing the game backup on Steam until the Fall, and that’s at the very first, it can be possible that the game might take possibly for a longer time to fix.

Now not everybody claims to have had these kinds of unpleasant experience with the game on the PC ( though I believe some of those are lying to by themselves ), however because of the amount of attention the re-release of the PC version requires, all DLC has been postponed for the platform.

In the announcement post from Warner Bros, the publisher took the time to once again, apologize for the mess it has created: “Again, we would like to apologize to you, the fans, and let you know that we are taking full responsibility for releasing a product that did not meet our quality standards, which is why we suspended sales of the game as soon as we understood the issues.”