While PC and mobile gaming are on the rise in the last several years, the majority of gamers will tell you that they still prefer playing their favorite games on consoles. Many can’t wait for Xbox X and PlayStation 5 to come out later this year, as they will be the most powerful gaming systems to date.

While the superiority of consoles is evident in many areas, one group of players is still left uncatered. Of course, we are talking about online gamblers. Since moving to the virtual world, casino games have only been accessible on PC and mobile, and there is yet to be a real-money casino game available on one of the flagship consoles.

Consoles obviously have the technology needed to power up casino games, so why haven’t we seen any video slots and poker tournaments on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo?

Gambling is a touchy subject in many places around the world. As a matter of fact, gambling is illegal in dozens of countries, and even the majority of US states consider gambling an offense. This is the first major obstacle that consoles would face if they decided to feature real-money casino games. If there were any real-money casino games on consoles, many players would have to be banned from using them. Even some social casino games that exist on consoles are restricted to players from countries where gambling is legal.

Also, having the ability to gamble on gaming consoles that are mostly used by underage players is just bad marketing. Sure, you can put stuff like parental locks and other security protocols that online casinos already use to detect minors, but consoles would still get a bad rap. Many parents wouldn’t buy their kid a gaming console if they knew that there are gambling games on it.

  • Are Casino Games Really “Games”?

Even though they are called “games,” casino games do not exactly fall into the same category as video games. Video games have the sole purpose of entertaining a player. The only reward that the player gets is the gratification of completing a level, revealing a part of the story, or unlocking a new element.

On the other hand, casino games draw players in because they give them a chance to earn money. A gambler doesn’t care if the game they’re playing has vivid graphics or a good storyline. It’s only about making an extra buck. Speaking of which, did you know where you can get the best $10 deposit bonus casinos? You can find the best sites that allow deposits of as low as $10. The offer is reserved to NZ players.

However, it is a fact that making a profit is not the only reason gamblers play casino games. While the rush of gambling is the primary motivation, casino games still need to be appealing to the eye. 

There are thousands of video slots a player can choose from, and they are all basically the same. The reels spin, and whether you win or not depends on the combination of symbols that pop up. Sure, every game has different payouts, and some may add extra rounds, but the core of each video slot is the same.

Yet, players tend to choose video slots that have better graphics and interesting symbols. While they might not get a better chance of earning more money by playing such games, they still want to play them, meaning that the video gaming element in casino games is definitely present.

  • Console-Based Casino Games Exist But…

Many casino games have been released on consoles in the last several years. Best such examples are Pure Hold’em, The Four Kings Casino & Slots, and Casino Nights, to name a few. Even one of the latest GTA V expansions called Diamond Casino & Resort that allows players to play in a virtual casino has been a big hit.

However, none of these games feature real-money gambling. Instead, they are all labeled as social gambling games. Players play with virtual chips, and if they win, their winnings are not paid in real money. True gamblers might consider these games fun to an extent, but they would get pretty bored after a while. Playing with fake money simply doesn’t have the same appeal.

Are We Ever Going to See Real-Money Casino Games on Consoles?

This question is rather tricky to answer. Undoubtedly, there is a demand for console casino games. Every well-made social casino game so far has been a big hit, and giving players an ability to play those games for real money would make them even more popular.

Nevertheless, consoles would still need to jump over some big hurdles if they wish to include real-money casino games into their collection. The legal side of things would be a big problem, and while that issue is surmountable, it’s too much of a hassle right now.

Sony and Microsoft are already making big bucks with their video gaming consoles. To be more precise, they are making tens of billions of dollars every fiscal year. While a partnership with some of the biggest online casino brands would extend their profits, such partnerships are too big of a risk right now. To word it more appropriately, consoles are not up for taking such a gamble. 

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