Apple’s next EarPods headphones will equip with built-health sensors that can collect data such as heart rate and blood pressure. Furthermore, broke the news source  mentioned that the next generation EarPods the built iBeacons, prevent wandered off. The new EarPods also redesigned remote control, add a second microphone for better noise reduction.

Apple’s Next Generation Earpods For iPhone 6 will come with a built-health sensor

iPhone6 ​​through EarPods the user’s heart rate, blood pressure and other data collection, and then transferred to the data center for analysis. In addition, in order to increase the accuracy of the data transmission capabilities will be improved this year EarPods. However, anonymous sources did not disclose EarPods will make changes in what areas.



In addition, researchers at MIT (MIT) of Eric Winokur will soon join Apple in the coming weeks. Eric Winokur realizes center at MIT medical electronic equipment, recently developed content has been ear wearing style “Vital Signs Monitor.”

Rumors that iOS is one of the main features eight biometric technologies, the new system will increase Healthbook applications, a variety of health-related information on the phone. In addition, there are rumors that Apple iWatch smart watch will be the main health and fitness features. It is foreseeable that Apple research and development efforts for many years of health data collection techniques finally have fruit.