Apple has been working with AMD in recent years, as a proof you can find AMD’s Professional series Fire Pro graphics cards in the new 27-inch iMac makes use of no less than 5K resolution. But now their collaboration could go one step further, leaving aside a collaboration with Intel on some of its products, which allow the company to be encapsulated in a single CPU with powerful graphics can survive in higher resolutions without the support of a dedicated graphics.

Apple would use the AMD Zen CPUs in future iMac


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AMD has been very capable with their current APUs high performance in the console market, so Apple would integrate its future APUs / SoCs based on Zen architecture into their products.

Although not all enthusiasts are fond of Apple, or most of the players don’t like the Apple iMac due to the Apple’s pricing policy, but we must recognize that Apple is a huge company with a lot of money and also one of the world’s largest companies, so if AMD gets put Zen in several of its teams then we will see a guaranteed success and a strong source of steady income that will add to the console. Unfortunately, these devices are expected to become a reality in late 2016 or early 2017.

via: KitGuru