Large companies such as Samsung, Google or Apple each year register a large number of patents, some more and others less useful, but interesting. And some of these patents end up showing us the reality that we will see in a few months or years, and in the case of Cupertino seem that its future would also go through an affordable iPhone.

And, as you probably know, Samsung presented a few days ago its Galaxy Fold, its first smartphone with foldable screen that – to be honest – will not reach to all consumers with a price of around $ 2,000. Thus, Apple could not be less than the South Koreans, and that is why it has registered a new patent in recent days, a patent that would show a plan on how the first foldable iPhone would be.

According to the sketches presented in the patent, the Apple folding device would have a system of hinges specifically designed so that it could be folded in half or even in three parts. The technology is not only limited to the iPhone, but could also be incorporated into the iPad family or the Apple range of laptops, because the patent speaks of “improved electronic devices.”

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