Apple has exposed the price tag and discharge date of the highly-anticipated Apple Watch, with many folks enthusiastic for Apple’s primary step into the wearable gadget industry.

The Apple Watch is not, nevertheless, the very first smartwatch out there, with numerous units having been made public employing Google’s Android Wear wearable OSAmong those devices is the Huawei Watch. However, just how do the Apple Watch and Huawei Watch stack up? With an evenly un-inventive name, is one product superior to the other?

Apple Watch VS Huawei Watch (Design): 

There is certainly no doubt that the Huawei Watch appears much more like a watch. It bears a typical round layout with smart selections for straps. It is the genuine stylish choice, letting off a feeling of elegance. Regrettably the Huawei Watch, whilst providing a classy look , it is a tad bit bulky. This is obviously in order to place all the equipment mandatory in the unit, but it does not detract from the point that it would be excellent if it were just a little slimmer.



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Apple went in a distinct track with the Apple Watch. The corporation did not endeavor to make something which resembled a traditional timepiece, but rather have attempted to pave the opportunity for the forthcoming days of watches. The primary figure of the product is rectangular as opposed to circular, and Apple provides a multitude of bands to adhere the equipment. The fact that it neglects to mimic a traditional watch is likely to imply that it will not lure everybody. It’s unmistakable and distinguishable. Someone who sees the Huawei Watch could certainly make the error in judgment that it is basically an analog watch.

Generally, the Huawei Watch seems more classic whereas the Apple Watch is much more trendy. Those wanting to be classy should stay with a non-Apple offering, nevertheless, those eager to boast about their Apple branded wrists ought to opt for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch VS Huawei Watch (Power and Specs):

None of the 2 watches just offers a fairly jewelry piece. Apple, being the designer of both the hardware and software of the Apple Watch, is well-known for having the ability to bond the 2 together flawlessly. That doesn’t imply that the gadget will work flawlessly always and permanently, however, it does provide Apple an upper hand over Huawei, which is employing Google’s Android Wear OS.

The Apple Watch also incorporates a variety of sensors, including an accelerometer, GPS, compass, heart rate monitor, etc.

The Huawei Watch includes a 1 .2 GHz Qualcomm processor in addition to 512 MB of RAM as well as 4GB of built-in storage space. It also entails a heart rate monitor, barometer along with a variety of other sensors.

Apple Watch VS Huawei Watch (Conclusion):

As should be considered the case when comparing and contrasting an Apple device and an Android device, it actually is dependent on the software program. For individuals who own an iPhone, an Apple Watch in all probability makes a tad bit more sense. The exact same applies to the Huawei Watch for Android owners. The layout, however, could perhaps seriously affect buying choice, particularly considering Google is supposedly formulating the software to permit Android Wear products to work with an iPhone.

The Apple Watch will be accessible for sale starting on April 24 with a price point commencing at $349. We do not so far know the release date or official worth of the Huawei Watch. Certain reports put forward that the Huawei Watch might cost you as much as $1 ,000, that definitely render the Apple Watch the best choice.


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