According to Apple 90 percent of charging accessories  (chargers, cables and Power Banks) found on the very popular store Amazon are fake despite being classified as “genuine”. This information was released in a federal lawsuit filed by Apple earlier last week. Apple is suing a New Jersey company called Mobile Star for being the origin of counterfeit goods on Amazon.

90% of Apple charging accessories sold on Amazon are fake 

Apple iphone 7 start button

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To check the ownership of these products, Apple bought several of them and then informed Amazon that were not legit Apple products. At that time, Amazon told Apple that a company called Mobile Star was offering counterfeit products. These counterfeits are a risk to the health of consumers, according to Apple, because “pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock.“. Interestingly, this information comes after iPhone exploded in July in a vehicle to finish calcining, although the owner was not not charging his Apple iPhone 7 when the incident took place.

In 2013, a 23 year old girl died in China when he answered a call with her iPhone 5 while it was plugged into the mains via a charger not certified by the company. That is why Apple is worried that customers may be subjected to danger after buying fake items sold on Amazon. Thus Apple recommends that users who have bought an accessory under the “genuine or original” label contact the company to verify whether or not the product is certified by Apple.

via: PhoneArena