Apple has announced the closure of all its stores outside of China until March 27 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company also announced that it has donated $ 15 million to COVID-19’s global response.

In a statement released by Tim Cook on Apple’s official website, the company’s CEO acknowledged the improvement in the situation in China when it comes to reducing the infection rate, and announced that stores will reopen from today. He also shared that the supply chain has been restored, which means that when it comes to the stock of its products, everything would have to return to normal soon.

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For all countries other than China, stores will be closed until March 27 to ensure the safety of Apple employees and customers. Despite the store closings, customers will still be able to order products from the company’s online stores. To get assistance, just access the official website.

We will close all of our retail stores outside of China until March 27. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. Our online stores are open at , or you can download the app from the Apple Store in the App Store. For service and support, customers can visit . I want to thank our extraordinary retail sales teams for their dedication to enriching the lives of our customers. We are all very grateful to them.

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