The years pass, the mobile market is systematically going through more changes, but it seems that the fashion for iPhone smartphones will never end.  Apple all the time can enjoy the huge interest and large profits generated by sales of smartphones gnawed apple logo.

Apple recorded excellent sales of iPhones – 73 million in three months


Recently, we reported that Samsung earns less each month, and the crisis storm is also moving toward the Sony. On the lighter note, LG smartphone sales in Q4 was better, but when you compare them against the Apple LG situation is not particularly impressive.

According to analysts from KGI, who had often shared with us very powerful, relevant forecasts, the Apple company has sold about 73 million copies of their smartphones in the last quarter of 2014.

Of course, at the head of the sales letter are the latest models -iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with the results of 42 and 18 million copies. So we can also estimate that people are still willing to buy the iPhone 5S, which attracted more than 9 million customers.

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Prospects are also good. In the first quarter of last year we can expect Apple to be about 61 million smartphones sold. While this is less than the period set out above, but also about 41% more than in the first 3 months to 2014 years.

In your opinion, what is the phenomenon behind these huge sales of iPhones?

Source: GSMArena, business.financialpost

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