Apple as of late uncovered its fresh out of the box, new ‘force touch’ track pad with its new MacBook and 13 inch MacBook Pro yet the innovation could get more uses in future cycles, as indicated by another Apple patent application.

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It would seem that Apple is occupied with blending vibrations and temperature changes to trick your fingers into” “feeling” diverse surfaces. The patent notes wood or metal as potential surface changes. It additionally calls attention to that temperature could change after some time, with a metal surface getting hotter the more times you touch.

 Apple patent point out towards future force touch uses


The patent likewise goes into how vibrations can be utilized to recreate various textures, similar to the grain of a woken surface. Beside that however, the haptic input feedback approach effectively found in the current power touch trackpad would basically continue as before.

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As such, numerous commentators have noticed that Apple’s new drive touch trackpad is great at reenacting the inclination of a tick, without really squeezing in the trackpad by any means. Because of this present, its a little less demanding to accept that possibly Apple could reenact diverse surfaces also.

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