Virtual reality products continue to keep big news on their side, however it’s anyone’s assumption who will ultimately take over the industrythen again armed with a pile of brand new patents, Apple is exhibiting a a rejuvenated curiosity about this area.

Apple iPhone VR Headset Spotted In Patent:

Patently Apple disclosed Tuesday that Apple appears to have been granted an additional 41 patents submitted few days ago by the US Patent and also Trademark Office ( USPTO ), and one of these specifically seems focused straight at virtual reality ( VR ) opponents Google as well as Samsung.

First submitted in 2008 and credited to designer Quin Hoellwarth, patent no. 8 ,957 ,835 applies to a “video headset frame” which operates in conjunction with an iPhone or iPod to provide video and also audio material.

It’s most likely not much of a coincidence this headset appears very much like the Samsung Gear VR, which utilizes a compatible Galaxy smartphone mounted on the front and beams virtual reality leisure to the person wearing them.

In conjunction with only broadcasting iOS-based picture or sound to the headset, Apple’s patent additionally explains a picture-in-picture ( PIP ) functionality, that can be used to stay attuned to the real life surrounding you when putting on the device.

Assessing from the patent information, Apple plans to integrate some sum of tactile physical controls on the head set by itself, however is furthermore leaving the access open for other options, for instance Siri voice control.

The headset patent furthermore elaborates on “advanced haptics” built within the earplugs , that can be used to improve sound effects and also music from the video content to be viewed .

Apple’s video headset aspirations date back to around 2008, yet the iPhone producer has been comparatively quite of late on VR-related patents, with the last batch getting turned up approximately 4 years ago – also latest job postings associated with the technology having been mysteriously scrubbed from existence.

Credit: Patently Apple

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