Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in both the biggest change was a big screen, for consumers the 1Gb memory is still very low to run applications. While iOS have a good memory management mechanism, but increases memory is a good thing. Intelligence, pointed out last week, the next generation iPhone 6s will eventually upgrade the 2GB memory, while at the same time, iOS 9 will also have to adapt to the large memory of radical changes.

Apple iPhone 6s 2GB memory upgrade, iOS 9 may be associated with this major upgrade

Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128Gb

The first news related to the memory upgrade was orienting from the Taiwan media (TechNews), they said Apple will use 2GB of RAM, as 1GB of memory had already lasted for three years here talking about three generations (iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / 6/6 Plus). As for the memory type should be LPDDR4, although the price is higher than LP DDR3 and 35 percent performance will also be increased, the former is more powerful, especially will have a better performance in terms of power consumption.

The Forbes is considered to be a problem: Since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been very strong, why memory memory? Apple is clearly not to upgrade, or like how Android camp boasted that own most of the large memory, but really there is a demand. There are indications that large memory will be added with the next-generation operating system iOS 9.

Picture Courtesy: Taiwan media @TechNews

They found that Apple’s iOS development in the big upgrade cycle has generational habits, such as adding iOS 5 iCloud, wireless synchronization, iMessage and a new notification system, iOS 7 with a new flat UI, and both iOS 6 and iOS 8 with some incremental upgrade to the iOS 9 is also expected to be a big upgrade.

iPad Air 2 Although lead upgraded to 2GB, but after the media had tested it and found its mechanisms and in the past, there was no difference, except that the background process management more off it. But we also remember the rumors of split-screen operation before the feature? Now that the iPhone’s screen has been unable to “look back” (smaller), and small series that iOS 9 is likely to join the subversive (for iOS speaking) mode of operation.