Although Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin microblog has been described that the iPhone 6 release is not far away, but the specific time has been allowed to say. The entire third quarter would be considered in terms of launching Product. However, now our microblog friend finally broke the news, iPhone6 is defined to release in market on September 19 and the price would be around $849.

Apple iPhone 6

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 32GB version is priced $849 and 64GB will be about $999. The 5.5-inch version should be slightly more expensive. German media have previously reported 6 iPhone release date news and also mentioned the same price and same date. In addition, if this news comes true, then Apple’s autumn conference in early September will be also the latest.

The iPhone 6 is equipped with a new ID design, larger in size than previous releases, 5.5 Inches narrow border Screen Size, thinner body outside the border and finally to surface design, built-in Touch ID of the Home key will be retained. In terms of specifications iPhone6 will be equipped with an A8 processor, rumored 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions both have unified resolution 1704×960, have 2GB of RAM, 10 Mega pixel with optical image stabilization.