The next generation Apple iPhone is on the way rumors and news are every where, the Big Screen should be one of the most anticipated highlights of Apple Next-Generation iPhone. 

There was news that the iPhone 6 will have two sizes, a 4.7-inch, 5.7-inch and the other one are now Taiwan’s media, “Economic Daily” has given a different voice. Recently they have shown in their report that they are lucky enough to get the solid news.

Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6

There are two models of iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 will have a 4.7-inch version, and another version equipped with 5.6-inch, but it will not be dubbed the iPhone’s title, which Sounds weird.
Additionally, they said that iPhone 6 will be equipped with an 5.6-Inch sapphire screen, and another one will still use the 4.7-Inch of coning Glass protection. 

So both models of the iPhone will be released in the Q3 of this year? And also it’s seems that the 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 is already popular in the news.

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