On release of the Next generation iPhones, Apple did not mention the memory size of both candies, till now iPhone 6 Memory size is basically confirmed, features only 1GB, while the iPhone 6 Plus is controversial. Yesterday, there was a report from foreign media that, Apple iPhone 6 Plus has 2GB of memory, they reported that the source of this news is GSMArena. But after all, not the official data, for the best answer we move towadrs the customer service and this is what we got.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus is with More Ram? Officials say Only 1Gb 

iPhone6Plus 1GB RAM

Last night confirmation from the online Pre-sales consultation via the official website of Apple USA, the result of Ram we got is that both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are equipped with only 1Gb memory, it seems that Apple is very confident about the iOS 8 Memory Management.

Of course, later today we will again consult with customer service and confirm that this figure is true or not. Taking into account the official customer service is not necessarily accurate, we have already asked them several times for the information.

Before leaving this post also take a look at iPhone 6 plus screenshot of running System Status, iPhone 6 Plus displays the total memory size of 975.6MB, which is the size of 1GB.

iPhone6Plus 1GB RAM