Today, the Italian site Macitynet shared physical model of  iPhone 6 high-quality photos, allegedly from a specialized production iPhone protective shell manufacturer.

In addition, the vendor said that the figure of the iPhone 6 machine model is to test the protective shell is compatible with the final product. If this news is true manufacturer, iPhone 6 should generally be the case.

Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6

If you look closely, this machine model photo, you will find that it is basically consistent with the current rumors, such as the fuselage frame arc transition, the power button to the left of the fuselage, and so on. But some of the details are certainly open to question, the most obvious is the LED flash, since the iPhone 5s have used two, iPhone 6 is also a throwback to a no reason.

For now, iPhone 6 4.7-inch first choice has basically been determined, as configured, there is news that is maintained at the same 1GB memory upgrade more powerful A8 processor. The camera is still 8MP aspect, of course, will be further optimized and enhanced. And to light, the camera will not be added optical image stabilization.

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