Everyone is  anxious about the Apple’s products which was going to launch today. We are not expecting the iMac Retina 5k but it seems like Apple love to give the surprises. Today they released iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, Mac Mini and iMac Retina. In this event, they also focused on how iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will be working together. Also in this event they talk about the upcoming Apple Pay, which is just a few day’s away from its official launch.

Apple iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5k and Mac Mini launched

ipad Air 2 Price

Now, let’s talk about the entire event in segments. At first they talk about the implementation of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite together. In demonstration they show that how you can transfer your data from one to another device. Additionally, the official OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.1 are now available and you will be able to enjoy both candies from tomorrow without paying any cost.

iPad Air 2 Specifications and features
iPad Air 2 Specifications and features

In this event at the second stage. Apple officials launched iPad Air 2. We also saw the leaked of iPad Air 2 yesterday, so this was an expected product and everyone know that this made his entry in the event. In terms of size and weight, iPad Air 2 is lighter and thicker than its predecessor. iPad Air 2 is the world’s slimmest tablet. The iPad Air 2 will also have an anti-reflective coating, or an anti-glare coating. In terms of Specifications iPad Air 2 is equipped with M8 coprocessor and Apple’s A8X 64 bit chipset, this is a new generation chip created for this product. Also the iPad Air 2 has the 8-Mega Pixel Camera and this primary camera is able to capture moments in Full HD 1080p. If we talk about the front camera for video calling, it is of 2-mega Pixel and features HDR and burst mode.

Also, as previous rumors, they come true at this point that Apple iPad Air 2 features TouchID. The price of this new candy is from $500 to $700, price depends on the Storage. iPad Air 2 is released in 16Gb, 64Gb and 128Gb version.

Apple iPad Mini 3 price
Apple iPad Mini 3 price


The second product launched in today’s event is Apple iPad Mini 3. iPad Mini 3 has the size of 7.9inch feature Retina display. As we have seen previously iPad Mini 3 has also the same TouchID. It has also the 5 MP rear camera with 1808p video recording. If we talk about the price you can see the above picture, it starts from $400 to $600 depend on storage. The pre-order of this candy will be starting from tomorrow.



At third, Apple has introduced, the most awaited candy, The iMac Retina 5k. The new iMac Retina with a 27 inches Retina 5K IPS display with a resolution of up to 5360 × 2880, we can say this is the highest resolution present on the earth, if we talk about something ALL-IN-ONE. iMac Retina is equipped with Intel 4th Generation i5 3.5Ghz (it should be Core i5-4690 or Core i5-4690K) and AMD R9 M290X 2GB graphics card, equipped with 8GB DDR3 -1600 memory and 1TB Fusion hybrid drive with 2 Lightning 2 and 4 USB 3.0 interface. The price of this new iMac Ratina is $2500.

Optional configurations include the rest of the Core is7-4790K 4.0GHz processor, 16GB or 32GB of memory, 3TB hard drive or hybrid 256GB / 512GB / 1TB PCIe SSD and R9 M295X 4GB graphics card.


iMac Retina 5k price


In this event Apple has also introduced a new iMac mini, equipped with the fastest processor from Intel 4thGeneration. Intel Core i5 with Intel Iris and HD graphics 5000, 802.11 ac Wifi, two Thunderbolt ports, world’s most efficient and will retail for $500. At last Apple also throw, the more suspense and said that Apple Watch is on the way and you will be able to see those Watches in a few months.

So, Which of these devices will you be getting your hands on in the following weeks??