Apple in today’s morning released the second beta version of iOS 8 system beta 2, at this year’s WWDC Developers Conference Apple released the first beta version for developers. Current all devices running iOS 8 beta 1 can be upgraded via an OTA upgrade to iOS 8 beta 2.

Apple iOS 8 beta 2 is now available for Developers: Major improvements has been made

iOS 8 beta 2

Apple’s description of this upgrade is very simple: “This iOS 8.0 beta version includes bug fixes and feature improvements.”
But for developers to tap into the new changes, the update is equipped with following features:

  • Support calls attribution show. However, the function calls attribution show only limited to unfamiliar numbers abroad already realized this function, the operator was kind enough to have a relatively large domestic relationship.
  • QuickType keyboard added to the iPad. Before QuickType input method was only for iPhone’s.
  • Power consumption tracking application. More than a “no coverage” in the amount of power consumption in battery-entry options.
  • Native Podcasts application to join.
  • “Set – Information” adds a “put the phone up to your ear to listen” function switch.
  • Safari, automatically jumps to the App Store shielding function, the new Tab browsing mode.
  • The new iCloud photo, replace the existing photo stream.

Since iOS 8 beta test version is available only for developers to download and install, so now the average users are not able to use more than one function, iOS 8 final version is expected to launch this fall’s official debut with the next generation iPhone.