Apple finally issued an invitation to the conference this fall, make sure to take a part in this press conference on September 9 this year. The conference site is not frequented by Apple Grass Art Center, nor their own park conference hall, but was held at Flint Center. Flint Center is the place where Steve Jobs released the first generation of Mac, so the location for this conference will have a wide variety of interpretation.

Apple : Here’s What to Expect at Apple’s September 9 Event

Apple 9 september event

We look at Apple’s invitation, this time invitation is very simple in terms of design, write a sentence below the logo “Wish We Could Say More”, according to my understanding. Apple dug a hole too deep, if only to open a Fall conference, you will need to fill the pit with some good exposures but not just limited to iPhone 6 /6L. Apple would also release Air iPad 2, iPad mini 3, iWatch, MacBook Pro, 12-inch MacBook, Mac mini.

Apple iPhone 6 / 6L:

iPhone 6 Final Design
iPhone 6 Final Design, of course we don’t know the final product will be like this or not

No doubt in it, iPhone 6 is the most talked product from last month, many exposures, many players are ready to switch to Android, many waiting for plagiarism learn Andrews manufacturers and both are closely watching the movements of Apple iPhone 6. According to current information, Apple iPhone 6 will use the 4.7 inch screen, equipped with A8 processor and iOS 8 system, screen resolution doubled, increasing battery capacity, the appearance of sleek design is adopted. There is also a larger 5.5-inch version, reportedly will be named as iPhone 6L.

iPhone 6 with ipad air

Also, do not forget that Apple iPad tablet press conference will be held in the fall of this year, but from last year they decided to manage the iPad press conference separately. But still there are lots of chances that iPad Air 2 also made his entry. iPad Air 2 will use the slimmer body, equipped with an A8 processor, memory capacity expanded to 2GB, iOS 8 to accommodate the newly added multi-tasking.

Apple iWatch:

Apple iWatch is a long-rumored device, rumors have been passed for several years, manufacturers have made out with the Andrews generations of products. But the current wearable devices still do not find a breakthrough, to be honest, unable to convince users to wear it every day. In addition to Re / code, Bloomberg today also confirmed the existence of this product.

Apple currently has health monitoring applications HealthKit and smart home platform HomeKit, the former can monitor heart rate, blood pressure and other health data. While the latter can be controlled electrical switches and door locks via the iPhone or iPad, the application is also likely to be integrated into Apple iWatch .

Apple iWatch
Conceptual diagram of Apple iWatch

New Apple notebook: 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina Display or 12-inch iPad Maxi

Both products have been re out. Previously, Microsoft saw a need and launched the Surface Pro 3. Now Apple seems to need a product to fill the same position between iPad and the MacBook. Allegedly this may be a resolution of 2304×1440 12-inch MacBook Air , use Fanless passive cooling design. There are rumors that this device is a giant 12-inch screen iPad Maxi, enhanced multi-tasking operating performance of iOS 8.

New notebook: 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina or 12-inch iPad Maxi

As for the MacBook Pro, the upgrade of the 2014 autumn edition processor and memory is just listed. Only to see more substantial upgrade when the new Intel processors open in the wild.

Mac Mini: Update to Haswell processor

Apple’s recent Generation Mac mini update on October 2012, almost close to two years ago, except between 2007 and 2009 versions beyond version interval of 1 year 8 months. So we can also expect that Apple will also release the new Mac mini equipped with Intel Haswell Processor this year in the Fall.

Apple Mac  Mini
2012 edition of the Mac mini using Intel Ivy Bridge processors is expected to update. This year’s version will transition to Haswell processors, providing Core i5 and i7 versions, subject to the volume, Storage will also standard mSATA interface SSDs.

In this Fall, Apple may also release more products than listed above. So, dear students, Your kidneys are ready?

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