Apple company possesses a top secret lab dealing with the development of an Apple-branded electrical automobile, the Wall Street Journal disclosed on Friday, citing folk acquainted with the subject.

Apple’s secret lab working on electric car:

The project has developed a vehicle that appears like a minivan , the newspaper cited one person as stating. It might take many years to complete the project, in fact it is not specified if Apple will ultimately develop a car, the Journal stated. The reports indicates that Apple Inc is intensely escalating its aspirations for automotive technological innovation, that has emerged as an excellent area of interest for Silicon Valley providers including Google to ride-sharing firm Uber to electrical car-maker Tesla Motors. The associated car, or vehicles with a complete variety of internet together with software solutions beyond just navigation and connectivity, is regarded as certainly one of the ripest sections for growth of tech organizations. Previous March, Apple introduced CarPlay, which allows drivers gain access to contacts on their iPhones, create calls or hear voice mails without having to take their fingers off the steering wheel.

Right now, the chief of Mercedes-Benz’s Silicon Valley analysis and dev unit, Johann Jungwirth, has defected to Apple, as per a LinkedIn user profile, which stated his title was head of Mac Systems Engineering. Apple decided not to respond to a request for comment.

The Financial Times revealed previously that Apple had designed the top secret lab and Jungwirth had joined together with the new research team.

2 sources informed Reuters that Apple has recently attempted to hire from the automotive sector in fields like robotics.

The research lab was established last year, shortly after Apple exposed its upcoming smart watch and latest iPhones, the Financial Times stated.

The Wall Street Journal declared that the Apple project, code-named ‘Titan,’ hired some hundred people employed a few miles from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

Apple heads have met with long term contract manufacturers like Magna Steyr, a unit of Magna International. A Magna spokeswoman rejected to post feedback.

Search Goliath Google is working on blueprints for a self-driving vehicle, however this is not a part of Apple’s regime, the Journal said.

Attempting to design and develop an actual car will mark a positive change for the iPhone manufacturer, which researches and discards lots of projects yet has so far primarily trapped to its principal proficiency in mobile phone and also electronic gadgets.

However it continues to be open up about wanting to blend its core iOS software program into automobiles with CarPlay. Together with HomeKit and HealthKit, the concept is to stretch Apple’s software domination into industries such as home devices, healthcare, as well as automobiles.


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