We already know that there are lots of ways on YouTube to get attention and views, it can range from insulting a delivery boy to making fun of people who sleep on the street, and this time the desire for prominence of a girl named Amelia cost her father to lose the job.

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The story took place earlier this week, where Brooke Amelia Peterson uploaded one of those posture videos that she liked so much to generate a lot of visits, almost at the end of the video she showed how the iPhone X works and many wondered how it was possible that she had an iPhone X, and now we know the answer, her father worked as an Apple engineer for more than 4 years and had the device for his own use.

We say, it worked, since the video went viral, and not only the device was shown, but several special QR codes were disclosed for internal use by employees, as well as a note application what it seemed to be code names of future products of the company. So now we know that why engineer has been fired.

As a result, the girl deleted the video and uploaded another one announcing that her father had been fired for it. Actually, this act is not strange, in the past a Microsoft employee was fired after his son published a photo of the Xbox 360 before its release.

Video has now been removed from YouTube. Here’s a reupload:

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