There is very little uncertainty that Apple iPhone has among the finest still cameras that could quite easily swap point and shoots, nevertheless, it seems like Apple also wants it to be the ideal camcorder.


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The Cupertino Goliath has been offered a patent for a “Digital camera with light splitter” enabling the organization to embed an advanced three-sensor dependent camera module within the iPhone. The patent was initially noticed by Apple Insider.

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As per the web site notes , the three-sensor imaging modern technology splits incident lighting that enters a camera into 3 wavelengths, or colours, by means of prisms, mirrors or optics. The 3 light elements could then be pointed to 3 specialized sensors.

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The solution would allow Apple to utilize a lot more pixels when compared with an individual sensor and significantly enhance the quality of video yet still snaps.

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The 3 sensor imaging technological innovation is employed in prosumer video cameras as well as camcorders by the brands of Canon, Panasonic, Philips, in accordance with the report.


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